Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fashion Aesthetic

Aahh, the diner, absolute americana.  Gotta love it. The counter.  Iceburg lettuce. Greasy fries.  Delish.
This is one of my most favorite paintings Ive done this past year, here is the sketch...
and here is the final art...
For my licensing portfolio, I always create extra little elements that can coordinate with the main art.  In this case- silverware  and shakers...
I currently have a story running in Taiwanese design magazine 'dpi', here is a look at my spread (thank you dpi- i am super excited to be on your pages)...

And super happy that you ran this piece above- look! its Diner- Hurray!
Here is the cover below so you all know what to look for at the newsstand in Taiwan.
So, the Diner piece is 1 of 4 paintings in a series on restaurants.  The other 3 are Chinese, mexican, and Japanese.  Ladies looking lovely as they lunch.  Perhaps one day I will post em all here.

all artwork (except dpi cover art) COPYRIGHT Bella Pilar

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