Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, Gorgeous

Oooh i just love the post holidays card season- its when that wall appears in Papyrus stores- all red and pink, lots of hearts and shimmering glitter and other yummy embellishments.  Valentine's Day cards, They're out!  And this year I have a new one that, well- if you're not a fan of shimmer n shine and all things gemstone, stop reading this now. 
Ok- so here are my sketches for this card-

We went with option A, but kicked her leg out as you can see-

This is the final painting-
With a few extra bits painted for the inside of the card-

Add a lil black flocking and loads of gems and you've got a new card to pick up this year for a loved one (that includes treating yourself!)

card interior-

 and always a delicious envelope liner-

Happy Valentine's Day, gorgeous!

and this one is available to buy online now at Papyrusonline

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  1. I love your illustrations the style the colors they are perfect. I also love that they have a smooth finish, do you use a medium for the gouache to get them so smooth?

    I love Halloween and Stylishly Spooky is one of my favorites.
    keep the great work coming.