Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So pretty in petals. Another new Valentines Day Papyrus card, in stores now.
 I loved sketching this V Day girl. I did her in two poses-

We went with pose B.  Here is the final painting-
Here are some extra flowers I painted for the card interior and envelope liner.  You all know by now how much I love my envelope liners!

This is the Papyrus card with a few embellishments-  Some gem stones as well as satin fabric petals were added to this lady in red-

Spread the LOVE! xoxo

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  1. Oh how your art reminds me of the time when I was Princess Lady Love, and I had the most wonderful, beautiful, loving, adoring, caring Handsome Prince Hiram in the whole wide world. Every woman should be so lucky. How did I become so blessed, I ask.

    My Darling Handsome Prince Hiram, how he pampered me, treated me like a queen, and showered me with beautiful lady presents. Every day, there would be a gift at my door step from my Handsome Prince Hiram.

    He loved me and he took my breath away.... And oh how I loved him with every beat of my heart. Every time I looked at him, every time I heard him sing for me (oh what a glorious voice), every time I touched his hand, or he took my elbow to guide me as we walked, my vintage dress rustling with my lovely ladylike petticoats underneath, my waist and bosom laced as tight as can be from my beautiful, custom hand made silk corset from our trip to Philadelphia.

    And my heart smiled and loved him more with every step.

    Oh, how I will always love him, my Darling Hiram.

    He died on December 10th, 2010, and the Princess Lady Love in me died with him.

    All of my beautiful gifts I wrapped lovingly and put them in storage because my heart couldn't bear to see them, knowing he would never zipper the back of my beautiful full skirted vintage dress again. He would never place my Prada heels on my stockinged feet again. He would never lovingly place my beautiful fur over my tiny shoulders as we dressed for church. All of my jewelry and trinkets and pretties and rufflies that were the prettiest little lady love gifts you would ever see, The lovely and elegant elbow length silk gloves, over which he would always place a beautiful, big but tasteful ring. I simply could not look at my pretties anymore.

    You, Ms. Bella Pilar, make me feel like Princess Lady Love again when I view your beautiful art. Thank you. I don't know whether to smile or to cry, but nonetheless, the emotions are raw and real, and true, true love. Thank you a million times, and then thank you a million times again.

    Oh how I love him. My heart will hurt forever, I do believe.

    How God blessed me when he sent my most wonderful, beautiful, loving, adoring, caring Handsome Prince Hiram. I love you, my Darling, My Hiram.

    Thank you, God.

    Thank you, My Darling, My Hiram.

    (I saw the Angel in you, and I carved until I set him free. ~Michelangelo)

    Thank you, Bella Pilar.