Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fashion Week Experience

It all started with this sketch. I was given the general layout of the event schedule to be, and I worked around the layout of type to come up with our cover girl-  for the official NY Fashion Week spring 2013 event schedule.

A studio shot of my set up, while I give my poor eyes a little break from all that tiny lace detail work.

I always do love the look of the sheet of paper under my brushes. It's the paper I dab my brush on to rid of excess water and smooth the bristles out before I put the paint filled brush on my actual painting.

Ta da- the final art.  I knew we needed her cropped, but sometimes I paint the girls full figure anyway just just incase- you never know when a client might say- 'ummm, actually, can we have her full so we can see some leg?'  Just never know...

This is some lace detail that you will see appears as a little detail on the inside of the schedule.  Also- a little secret- this girl may be popping up on a Papyrus card later on this year for you to buy- we'll see.  And if she does- I think this detailed lace print could make for a fantabulous (is that a word??) envelope liner.  right?!

And here is the final product- the NY Fashion Week Event Schedule.
This folds in half down the middle- so here you are looking at the outside- the right half would be the front and the left half would be the back of this folded schedule.

and then this is the inside.

Well I certainly would not miss an excuse to go to Fashion Week at Lincoln Center in NYC.  So off I went from west coast home to east coast home.  In fact- here are a few fun facts about me:  
While NY is my original home, Lincoln Center itself is truly part of my original home when I was a kid .  I grew up right across the street in a high rise on Broadway and 62nd street, and gazed out my window down at the lovely Lincoln Center (and red neon of the Empire Hotel next to it).  I also went to high school directly behind Lincoln Center.  I went to LaGuardia HS (HS for music and art and performing arts.  Yes, the "fame" school) where I studied fine art,  and each and everyday walked to and home from school by cutting across Lincoln Center grounds.  And then most appropriately-  my HS graduation was in Lincoln Center.  So Lincoln Center was indeed a great  part of my life and home growing up!  So nice to go home for such a fabulous occasion. 
In a past life (more than 10 years ago) I worked as a makeup artist.  I spent many seasons backstage of the Fashion Week tents making up models, back when the shows were at Bryant Park.  They moved the shows over to Lincoln Center a few years ago- and I think it is a perfect location for them.

It was buzzing out front.
You either had on a fabulous outfit, or you had a camera, or you were just enjoying the amazing people watching-

Me- enjoying all the good people watching and taking in the fashions, storing up the inspiration-

And what's a NY fashion event without a Bill Cunningham sighting.  He's awesome!!-

I'm home-

So inside the main lobby Papyrus had an event space set up, this is where you would most likely find me if you were there. It was a great chance to meet some fabulous fashionistas and sign a few cards.
Guests (anyone coming through the lobby to head over to a fashion show) were welcome to come on over and pick a card of their choice from the display wall.  They could take it with them, or they could fill it out then and there,  and Papyrus was offering to stamp and ship it anywhere in the world, complimentary.  How cool is that! That's Richard on the left- he's pretty fabulous and wears a different colorful bow tie each and everyday, gotta love that. (and a big thank you shout out to Richard for making this all happen)-

There were several cards that went into rotation on the wall each day of the week.  This one seemed to be loved by many in this crowd- 

Event schedules were sprinkled throughout the lobby for all to take-

This is the view we had standing in the Papyrus space. Great people watching- so many good outfits, so many fabulous shoes. I was greatly inspired!

And you could see the press buzzing about all wearing the official Fashion Week press lanyards that featured my fashionista in black lace.

Over head there was lots of action, as they were shooting E!s Fashion Police up there for a couple of days-

How nice of Joan to pop on by-

Her people made me as an official Joan Ranger. What better place for that to happen?!  I mean... really.  The ultimate in fashion policing, so watch out, i'm on the look out- ha ha.

Hi Kimora! -

Took a break and took in a show-

Looking for that perfect shot at the end of the runway-

 I got an awesome tour of the behind the scenes of the tents at Fashion Week. Thank you to the people at IMG (who produce the entire event) for that.

Well it was a lovely time, and it was lovely to end it by walking out into my old stomping ground and gazing up at my old childhood home across the street- just had to snap a pic. 
Up in the sky, home sweet home...

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  1. Amazing! What a whirlwind experience. And Bill Cunningham to boot?! Go Bella, go!

  2. Bella this is so fantastic! THANKS for taking us through this and sharing so many little pieces of the experience! I'm definitely starstruck by all the details, but I have to say that my very FAVORITE detail is that the pattern of your pretty dress is so similar to the dress of your Fashion Week fashionista!! :D
    Welcome back!