Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Leading Up to the Glitter

If you had a chance to see my last post, you have had a look at the new 18 cards that have recently hit  Papyrus.
Oh how glittery and shimmery they sparkle n shine. Mmmmmmm.
But before we get to the glittering- there is sketching and painting.  Here is a look at a few of the cards,  leading up to the glitter.

Polka Dot party.

Pamper Yourself.

Butterfly Catch.

Posh in Poppy.

Shopping Treat.

Fabulous Fiesta.

Very Very Violet.

You can buy selected Bella Pilar cards wherever Papyrus greeting cards are sold or at independent retailers nationwide.

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  1. These designs are absolutely glorious. Amazing!

  2. Hi! my name is Astrea, I saw a posting on pinterest and I am in love! these sketches and paintings are completely perfect and I recently got a new job and need to decorate my new office! Where can I find these photos to buy????