Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hello Lincoln Center!

Hello Lincoln Center!  So good to be home again for NY Fashion Week 
fall/winter 2014, which just took place Feb 6-13.

Lets get right to it:  
a look at the artwork that I painted to be used on the MBFW (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week) event schedule and press lanyards  (which Papyrus , as a MBFW sponsor, once again put together for the occasion)-

The schedule of events, for the taking at the MBFW tents-

It was all about painterly plum on the front side.  
And on the back side we were feelin a lil sketchy-

heres a look at the original sketches before they landed on the schedule-

And our 3 middle girls from the schedule made it onto the lanyards.  
A very fashionable accessory around Lincoln Center this week. 

I didnt leave home without mine!  
I was sure to pair it with black baby sequins on silky animal print cut out layered on netting, with nude sheath beneath.

On this day I was loving lace.

On this day I was all about the shiny black paillettes on - color of the moment- plum. Yum.

I BIG thank you to everyone that came by the signing at the Papyrus event space at the tents.  Its was lovely to meet you and personalize a Valentines Day card for you.  And how cool that you could address the envelope there, and Papyrus was happy to stamp it for you and mail it off for you anywhere in the world- they are the best!! 
Send Style!

Thank you to my dear friend Melissa who shot the pix at the signing above. 

Of course it wouldn't be fashion week if I didnt take in a few shows -always a fun place to snap some shots, and simply get inspired!!.  

And as I had done for the past two show seasons, I once again had the opportunity to create the artwork for the VIP bags. 

These are the VIP swag bags that were given to the lucky few behind the scenes.  These super ultra glossy babies were hard to find in the crowd- but alas- I spotted one!

I was very happy when Papyrus and MBFW asked if I would like to create a special series for them that would be released one at a time throughout fashion week on MBFWs social media.  There was a huge focus on instagram this fashion week season (be sure to follow me @bellapilarstudio), and here is a snapshot as it was posted by MBFW on their instagram page (@mbfashionweek) :

Here is a look at the total models backstage series.  And I thought I would show you the sketches too.  Enjoy-

And as another fashion week comes to an end... Boots, scarf, hat.... and i'm out.

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  1. Ohmigosh you are so fantastic!!!!!! Amazing work Bella! TOTALLY AMAZING!!!!!! You are SUCH a STAH!!!!!!!