Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shiny Spiders and Glittery Pumpkins.

Trick or treat?  Treat!… Treat!… Pick treat!… Because I have 2 new ones for you.
I know, it’s not even October yet,  but I can’t help thinking about Halloween!!!!  
And I wanted to share with you my two new treats out now for this Halloween season before they are gone.
To send a seasons greetings, be sure to pick up my latest card- This wickedly witchy card even includes a shiny spider charm!

And then while you sit back and relax and snack on some candy- keep busy with this 1000 piece panoramic glitter puzzle

A pumpkin with a touch of glittery shine… what more would one want in a Halloween puzzle?!

Btw- incase you were wondering- Yes- Halloween-kitty-with-a-cocktail card is back again for another spooky season

Where can you buy these Halloween treats? 
The Haute Halloween Puzzle by Andrews+Blaine is currently sold at Barnes&Noble online (while available). 
And You can buy selected Bella Pilar PAPYRUS cards wherever PAPYRUS greeting cards are sold or at independent retailers nationwide.

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  1. Such adorable Hallowe'en art! That puzzle box is what made me look you up online and how I found your site and blog. So cute!