Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Special NYFW Papyrus Card For You!

Super crazy bananas excited to have this special limited edition Papyrus card out exclusively for NY Fashion Week and this special giveaway is only available for a few short days during this Fashion Week while supplies last.  
So If you are running around NYC the next couple days hitting up some runway shows - be sure to take a fashionable break and hit up one of these 3 Papyrus stores (678 Hudson or 655 6ave or 10 Columbus Circle, these 3 locations only) and ask the very kind oh so stylish sales people for one of my complimentary NYFW taxi girl cards  (Be sure to thank them and tell them how fabulous they are!) 

This one is a giveaway, yours for free. You can buy selected Bella Pilar cards wherever Papyrus greeting cards are sold or at independent retailers nationwide.

COPYRIGHT: all artwork © Bella Pilar, all rights reserved.
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