Friday, May 18, 2018

Faces and Threads

I’ve been working on something new these days- a personal series- a collection of portraits. Just some faces and some fashions. Here is a sneak peek of one in the works. Oh you’ll have to wait to see her completed. So look out for it soon. I’m almost done. This series I’m painting has had me thinking about a most inspiring exhibit I viewed about 5 years ago at the Metropolitan Museum of Art -It was called “Impressionism Fashion & Modernity”. A bit of a tongue twister of a title- but THE most amazing and fabulous display of art and fashion. It was awesome! You viewed the most lovely 1800s paintings and portraits on the walls and then there on the floor in cases were these gorgeous dresses that inspired or were perhaps actually in the paintings. Fantastic. It was everything I love. Fine art painting and historical fashion coming together. It was a memorable exhibit. One of those museum shows you know you have to hit the gift shop after and get the book. And as I paint my portraits I am of course having fun thinking about the fashions, as I’m feeling the threads may be just as important as the faces in this portrait series.  View these paintings on Instagram @bellapilarstudio or @facesandthreads .

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