Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Twelve Ensembles

With 2011 came the ultimate desk calendar!  And only if you are lucky enough to be in Italy, can you then get your fashionable paws on these lil gems.
The lovely Miss Fleur, spokesmodel for Italys LaGardenia, is featured on this fabulous desk calendar, a gift-with-purchase at participating LaGardenia stores.
I thought I would share with you a couple of sketches from 2 of my favorite looks of the year.
This first ensemble I had designed for her trip to Paris where she was to be seen front row at the most fashionable of runway shows during fashion week.   So 'Paris Style' was the inspiration.  This was my first idea- a little bit of the vintage retro trend...

But then I decided on something a little more chic and clean.  But Chanel stripe, or lace?  
Lace won.  And here is the final art.  To find out what month on her 2011 calendar this look appears on, keep reading...
oh- she looked so fab, the paparazzi loved her- she even made it onto the pages of Vanity Fair magazine, which was tre exciting!

My second favorite ensemble on the calendar is her birthday dress. Happy Birthday Fleur! 
At first I was thinking leopard (purrrrrr) with a fun peacock hair piece... 

Then I thought- she is like a burst of sunshine- lets focus on the color...
(never ask a lady her age)

And now here is a look at Fleurs year in fashion...



  1. Now I have even MORE reason to wish I lived in Italy. I want this calender! Will it ever be available in the US?

  2. I too want this calender!!!!!!!!. Where can I get it from in the UK?

  3. I love the calendar!!! I wish we could have it in America!!!