Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Purse Partner

Mascara.  A girls best friend.  I know I certainly DO NOT leave home without it. 
Its a subject I like to paint a lot, even back in 2003 with this still life (ummmm, Great Lash)....
and a bunch of lash inspired paintings came about in 2004...

But this is the mascara sketch i did last year...
that became this painting (one of my new faves!).
And now it is one of 6 designs available on a Purse Partner available at www.hoppergifts.com

Ladies, these cases are designed to hold both tampons and liners, but are also great for makeup, change, and any other small items floatin around at the bottom of your purse (like, uh, mascara?! yes!)

All artwork COPYRIGHT Bella Pilar


  1. Those tampon cases are adorable, love them!!

  2. wow!!!!! wish we could have your products in the Uk.. xxx