Thursday, February 10, 2011

San Valentino

Fleur- the oh so pretty and always witty spokesmodel for Italys LaGardenia (
Here is a look at the designing of her outfit for the latest San Valentino ad.
One thing I knew for sure was that this was going to be all about pink, red, and hearts, of course!
So I first thought slim n sexy...

Then I thought, perhaps a lil 'poof' is fun...

And then the client got back to me and said- Think big!...
And here is the final artwork I painted...
Fleur once again says it all as she is quoted in her latest San Valentino ad below- 
"With gifts I show love to my 3 great loves. Me, myself and I".

Happy Valentines day to you all. Now go treat yourself to something nice, you deserve it.

All artwork COPYRIGHT Bella Pilar.

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  1. Hi!
    I just came across your blog and love your illustrations and designs! I finally needed to pull myself away because I have work to do lol but I really don't want to now! Keep up the great work! I'd love be friends, here's my link to facebook! :)