Monday, March 21, 2011

It's a Threefer

Cake, presents, balloons.  It's a party!  Here is a look at something new and different from any of my past Papyrus cards. This 3 panel tri-fold card should make any girls birthday 3 times as fun!  It started out with just a slice...

But what fun is a slice when you can have a whole cake!!! (and a cute lil doggie at your side)...
From pencil to paint.
This one started with doggie in box.

But he decided he wanted to sit on top instead. OK lil doggie!
And lastly...

And from sketch to final art.
I then create a few extras, like streamers and balloons, that we can play with for the back side of the tri-fold card as well as the usual fabulously lined envelopes.
And here is the final product-
card front...

and back.
And the envelope please...

Ta da!

If you can't get out to scoop this one up at your local Papyrus store, you can buy this card HERE directly from
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  1. Oh the finished product is fabulous!!!!!!! wish i could get my hands on some of your work. anyway we can buy here in the UK? xxxxx