Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Big Event

Its started with a long series of sketches.  the Couture Girls. Here is a look at a few of them...

But it could only come down to 4.  Here is a look at the final 4 that got painted up, and became special limited edition embellished cards for Papyrus last year. 
Leopard Couture-
Lace Couture-
Feather Couture-
Gem Couture-
Well- They're back this week,  but a lil different and a lot bigger!!  This time as limited edition 11"x14" giclee art prints (gorgeous printing on gorgeous paper. ooh la la), numbered and signed by me.   There will only be 50 of these large artist prints done of each of these girls.  You're asking yourself "hummmmm, where can I get my lil hands on these awesome prints?".
This Saturday, April 23, get yourself down to the Papyrus at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa CA, where I will be signing cards 1-4pm.  And you can scoop up one of these prints (or all 4) at this special event.
Here are the invites- and you're invited...

I know you're eyeing the Leopard Girls on the invites.  well- at this event only, there will be 8x10 prints of these girls for you to buy that i will be happy to sign for you while I'm there.
And with a minimum purchase of product at the store that day,  you will be eligible for the raffle. The raffle? Yes- the raffle!  To win the original Ladies in Leopard  painting, signed and framed ...wowzerz! 

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Bella, I'm sad you won't be signing your art work at the Papyrus in GCT in Manhattan. I really admire the glam and glitz you put on paper, and would love to tell you that in person. Hope lots of people come out to the signing to show their support and encouragement!