Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More For Mom

This is a Moms Day card I did for Papyrus last year.  But i love it so much, and its back in papyrus stored this year, and its a POP UP!  how fun is that?!  I thought I would break it down for you-
I had 2 ideas for the front- a lil topiary (i loooooove topiary)...
or watering some flowers....
We went with option B.  Youll see in a minute.  keep reading.
ok- so here is where i designed the inside of this card, laying out where the "pop up" will go...
 now that i have my pop up panels figured out, i sketch each one separately since i will be painting them separately...

and this here is the back wall of the card (the back drop behind our lounging mama) as well as the envelope design...

I paint the pop up panels all separately here...

This is the "floor" of the card, the grass under our oh-so-relaxed mama.

and here is a look at the FINAL card, this is the front-
And here is the inside, with all its POP!-

with pretty liner of course.
Happy Day to all you moms.

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  1. It's very beautiful. I love it!

  2. Love the 3D card idea. do you use layout paper to create your final image? xx

  3. absolutely GORGEOUS:..
    so beautiful....