Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Coney Island Babe

Its summer time and boardwalks are on my mind.
So for the month of a July I have a lil promo going on at the Bella Pilar SHOP.  With every purchase of one of my pocket mirrors from the SHOP, you receive a complimentary 'Polka Dot' mirror.  Heres a looky at the goody:

Incase you,re wondering where this image is from-  It's a detail from  painting I did inspired by Coney Island.  This is one painting in a series of 5 illustrations all about the home of the Wonder Wheel!  (a little side note- I myself was born not far from the Wonder Wheel, yep- I was a Brooklyn born baby!)

Some polks dots to match-

Here is the initial sketch.  I ended up ditching the star earings.  But now I'm loving them- I have a feeling they will be showing up in another painting very soon.

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