Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hats Off

The thing about creating the Papyrus cards is that I paint these images months before they are in the stores, and  its like being a kid waiting for Chanukah or Christmas-  I'm just waiting for them to come out already so I can finally share em with the world ... And use the cute lil note cards myself!!  
So here is my latest baby.  Or 6.
The Hats Off series. Each that you see here are blank notecards.  Each girl is sold separately, and you get 8 notecards of each girl in a box.  With lovely coordinating lined envelopes. Fabulous.  Collect em all!
Here is a look at the sketches that were done prior to painting the final art...

These cards are out this week.  Visit papyrusonline.com for store locations.

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