Monday, November 14, 2011

The Gift(Bag) of Giving

Gift giving is so much more fun when you are giving your gift in a bag with red leopard,  don't you think?  If so, this latest addition to the Papyrus holiday line might be just the thing for you.  
Here is a look at some sketches I did while designing this bag...

We went with option A, and here is the art-

Plus a lil red leopard for the gussets (the sides of the bag)

And here is the final product- red velvet ribbon handle and all (yes, thats glitter on the fur and flocking on the leopard, fun!)

Happy gift giving!

COPYRIGHT: all artwork © Bella Pilar, all rights reserved.
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  1. Your illustrations inspire me so much! I saw your cards in a a Papyrus store and had to look more up. I love them. :) I'm aspiring to one day be as good as you, and you are definitely an inspiration. Your illustrations are always so cheerful and glamorous. :)

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