Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mom By Day, Mom By Night

It's time to start shopping for mom! As her day is soon approaching.  I have a new Moms Day card out at Papyrus, and this one has a great little twist to the design as you will soon see.  Lets start with those sketches.  This one is all about mom by day and then mom by night.  here are my sketches of mom by night-

and the final painting of mom by night-

and mom by day of course-

and I painted some flowers to sprinkle around the card-

This card is different than any other card design I've done- when its "closed", mom by day is on the front-

pull the card "open" and mom by night swivels around to the front-

Have fun, and go drop that moms day card in the mail by May 13th!

You can buy selected Bella Pilar cards wherever Papyrus greeting cards are sold or at independent retailers nationwide.

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