Friday, June 15, 2012

TCB Baby

Thats right- TCB Baby- Taking care of business.  Vegas style, that is.  Licensing Expo 2012.
And nothing says Vegas more than an oversized cherry red stiletto.  right?

This is me in my booth.  Attack of the 50 foot Bella girl!
It was a great show, don't be misled by my sour face.  This was just the last day, and I was down 200bux.  Darn blackjack!

Being a massive licensing trade show you see all sorts of awesome characters walking the floor - usually a super hero, or a furry animal- but this year, my favorite-  were the Pan Am ladies. you go girls!

And then can it get any cuter than this? love em.

some closeups of items on the shelving in my booth-

What I love about the Cosmopolitan is that they have an Art-O-Mat vending machine in the casino.  How cool is that?!  For just 5bux you can own your own little piece of one of a kind art the size of a cigaret box.  Plenty to choose from.   Love it.

Vegas Baby!

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