Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Velvety Goodness

I've got something new for you. We're talkin' bags! 
6 new velveteen bags from Santa Barbara Design Studio have come out just in time for the holiday season.  Oh so fuzzy n soft to the touch. Delish!  A fantabulous gift for all the ladies.

Choose from 3 zipper cases (6"x4.25"), with a sweet little rose charm at the zipper.  Stylishly hold  all those little things floating around your purse. 

And choose from 3 iPad Journal Totes (9"x12") with adjustable straps, and padded lining to fully protect your tech accessories. 

All of these items are now available to purchase online at graymouse.com, so click HERE, and shop away.
And while you're there, don't forget to pickup a mirror/keyring, click HERE- the perfect compatible gift to give with these velvety bags.

Here is a look at the zipper cases, front and back:

Cotton Candy- (this one I have in my purse right now, holding my Mac Red lipstick and other bits of makeup and whatnot)



These are the iPad totes-

Pink Leopard- (where my ipad lives all cozy when im not on it)

Parisian Cafe-

London Scooter-

Now click on the link at top and get ready for the season of gift giving.

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