Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NY Fashion Week- Fall2013

NY Fashion Week (MBFW = Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week).  Feb 7-14. Lincoln Center, NYC.  And I was beyond  flattered when Papyrus once again asked me to create artwork for the occasion, as well as take part in a card signing event at the tents over the weekend.

Here is our Fall 2013 cover girl for the schedule of events-

Our ladies in the ever so coveted front row.  

These 2 paintings can be seen on the pages of the MBFW schedule of events as so- 

Above, flat.  Below, when folded.

Papyrus also took one of my girls and used her on a card specially created for NY Fashion Week.  Only if you were at Lincoln Center this week were you able to get your fashion paws on this lil treat-

The card- front and back.

A detail of the lovely shiney foil embossing (How fabulous is my art director Diana!?).

She was also placed on the VIP bags exclusively available in the VIP lounge at MBFW.  Even I had a hard time getting my fingers on this rare one!  They were filled with various event sponsor goodies. Yum!  
The bag, front and back (and pink inside!)-

This red head was also used on the press lanyards worn around the necks of attending photogs, editors, writers, etc.

So, It all starts off with a tray of hot cocoa (and my lipstick stained latte there in the middle) which I was bringing over to the MBFW tents to greet my Papyrus family at their lobby event space. 

Btw- did I mention the snowstorm that hit NYC?  This is out front.  And if you think it kept any fashion lover  away from getting to the MBFW tents- think again.  Hats are soooo in- when there's a blizzard! 

Look at what a wonderful job my Papyrus friends did creating this lovely sleek event space in the lobby of the tents. 

Incase you were wondering (it is Fashion Week after all)-  I wore black sequins under a fitted gray jacket over shiny skinny black pants and chunky lace up boots with lil studs n spikes on em.  Lots of silver bracelets and a satiny gray leopard print purse.  Im super feeling black with gray these days.  I dont wear alot of color so wearing gray is really breaking out for me.  Is gray "color?".

I was thrilled to have this handsome guy by my side on this trip. This is Coan.  And he's the best.

The schedules for the taking.

They were displayed all about the lobby of the tents.

And carried about. 

Press lanyards- the most fashionable accessory of MBFW.  oooh lala. 

 I spent a few hours Saturday and Sunday signing cards.
 If you were to visit the Papyrus event space at the tents this Fashion Week- you would receive a complimentary card - the one I showed you earlier-  (and have it signed if you would like)  then grab a pen and jot down some words to a loved one- and hand it over.  Papyrus would mail it anywhere in the world for you from NYC, postage on them.  How fun is that?! 
I had a blast meeting lots of fashion lovers and signing away.  To everyone who came by the signing event- Thank you for coming over to meet me.  Great fun!

This lovely red head came by for the signing and I was amazed by her likeness to my painting.  Thank you Ashley for this picture!

Alina ( with a rockin bag (and a beautiful hat!).

This is Richard- he's with Papyrus- and he is FABULOUS!  His bow ties put a smile on my face (as does this photo- thank you Richard for letting me post it. This model has nothin on you).  Thank you Richard and your awesome team for planning such a wonderful card signing event, and designing such a lovely space in the lobby.

There are so many good shoes at Fashion Week.  Even in the foot of snow, the heals came out.  And I seem to always notice the leopard.

After some shoe watching I took in a few shows and got inspired.

Btw- Thanks mom for joining me at this one! (and going down wrap dress memory lane).

We took our girls (bottom left) to take in some inspiration at this collection presentation . My little fashionistas in the making.

And it's not a fashion event until you spot the blue jacket.  No not the one on the left.  The right (Bill Cunningham, that is).  Now I can go home.

And as my Fashion Week event weekend came to an end,  that lovely white powdery snow turned to that weird shade of slushy muddy gray. Maybe its that I love gray lately,  but I really dont mind the gray slush under my boots- kinda feels good, and the colors are kinda groovy.

Good to be home! I HEART NY(FW).

THANK YOU again to (the amazing) Diana, Richard, and the rest of my Papyrus family!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful fashion week story. Soooooo sorry I missed you this time at the tents. You are truly amazing. Can't believe I missed picking up those fab cards.

  2. WOW- great story in pictures. You are amazing, Miss BP! HUGE Congrats and love!

  3. Wow, Bella! Just wonderful!!! Congrats and glad you had such a great time.You are rockin' it , girl! xo - kathy davis

  4. How great! All these fab pix made me feel like I was there! Looks like you had an amazing time... xoxo, DG

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  6. OMG how exciting. So wish I could have been there to get your autograph. I've been a fan of your cards for years, and have quite the collection going on. Love when you add little puggies to your drawings :).

    Absolutely lovely work. I bet the attendees were blown away by your art. I know everyone I've ever given one of your cards to has always taken the time to comment on the artwork. So glad to have found your blog. Oh and by the way, would love to see an iPad bag with a brunette and a pug? Just a thought ;).