Monday, February 4, 2013

The Studio Is Open!

This past Fall I lost my previous painting studio.  Boo Hoo.  But Then we discovered this lil gem..?
Thank you to Coan, my very awesome husband with a vision, who turned this funny old West Hollywood garage into a spectacular artist get away-

Icky old garage doors are so yesterday! I'm envisioning french doors please.

ummmm, lets do more doors! It's all about the doors!  Yes! (as the girls watch completely mesmerized.  It really was pretty rad to watch)

Lauren working away.  Because girl contractors ROCK!

Slap on a bit of paint. 

Awe- what a guy!!  Aren't I the luckiest?!!  I love knowing that this is on the wall behind my desk layered under the final top white coat.  Our little secret-

Some new exterior green , and- Ta da!

New carpet arrived- so i'm movin in-

The view from inside lookin out the french doors- Love my new blue chairs-

 And from the outside in.

OK- enough blogging.  Back to the studio to get to painting...

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  1. Fantastic!!! Coan's wall message is so sweet!!! Love it all, looks so lovely. Congratulations!!

  2. What a great space!

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