Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Glamour Collection

Simply put, The Glamour Collection...

Collect all 6 new Papyrus cards, out now.

(You can buy selected Bella Pilar cards wherever Papyrus greeting cards are sold or at independent retailers nationwide)

Would you like to see some sketches from this process of creating this collection?
I'm going to show you something I don't show people very often. But you might enjoy seeing this.  
So, after I do the final sketch for a piece (after several rounds of revised rough sketches), I scan my sketch, print it out on my laser printer and plan out the colors by painting on the print with light washes of paint.  So it is all very rough and washy looking, but it helps me to map out a general feel of the color story before I commit to the colors in paints on the final piece.  So the following is the sketch and then the color wash plan, then the final art (and for another look at the cards they were made in to, scroll back to the top of this post!) :

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