Monday, February 3, 2014

Get In Your Vote

As part of my 2014 partnership with hair care company JOICO, we are happy to announce...
Yes, it's the JOICO 2014-CIAO BELLA-Design Contest, so put on your judge's cap and get in your vote.   
And here's the fun part: place your vote and you'll be automatically entered into a JOICO sweepstakes full of fabulous fun prizes including Bella Pilar swag goodies (tote bags, iPhone case and sunglass case).

Should our JOICO holiday beauty be standing in stripes or sitting on polka dots?  
You choose, and the winning pick will be the cover girl featured on the JOICO 2014 Holiday sets packaging, so look out for that this next holiday season.

How do you get in it to win? Simply visit JOICO on FB by clicking HERE for details.

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