Thursday, April 10, 2014

Queen Bee

As I pack up today to fly home to see mom this week (...because I am a mom too…and it's spring break, so i'm getting the kids to grandmas), I remember, ah-  
Mothers Day is soon approaching!  
Well, you have a  few weeks to get your greeting cards in order, to show the love to all the great moms you know, but I have a new Papyrus moms day card this year which might be just the one you are looking for, for the Queen Bee in your life-

I have to show a detail of this adorable 3 dimensional  bee buzzing around my card- and the super black glitter.  You know how much I love the glitter!

And if you are looking for more options, a few from last season have returned:

Love ya  Mom!

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  1. Very nice collection! I love the mom with the stroller!