Thursday, September 11, 2014

Something about September

Something about September screams FASHION to me.  Perhaps the infamous beyond heavy September issues of the fashion magazines that come out- which I sooooo look forward too drowning myself in with a large iced latte.  Or the wonderful shift in weather from summer to start of Fall where the fashion options are so much more groovier (boots- yay!!).   But one thing that always happens in September.... NY Fashion Week!
Hello NY Fashion Week.  So wonderful to have been part of this awesome event again.  As always- it starts with a sketch:

and once painted, turns into the spring/summer 2015 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) event schedule:
This is the trifold opened flat-
When the trifold is closed- here is our cover-
They were stacked in little stacks around the main lobby of the fashion week tents for the takin'.
The people of MBFW asked me to to do some artwork that could be used for posting the daily event schedule on their social media.  8 days, 8 paintings,  plus 1 bonus paining.  Here is a look- and I thought I would include the sketch as well- why not!?
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4 

 Day 5

Day 6

Day 7 

Day 8 

This one was also posted on their social media just for fun!

Thank you to those that came by the Papyrus event space to say hello and allow me to personalize one of my new cards for you.  
Here's a  peek at the cards I was signing.  They will be hitting stores soon- hold tight.

Oh- and I have to share this amazing mani.  Thank you to this fab fashionista who's nails and accessories stylishly coordinated with my glittery gem filled card.  Too fun!
So this season was all about head wraps for me.  Each outfit each day of fashion week was topped off with one.
Silk lipstick kisses on polka dots was my fave of the week.
Also- a big thank you to those that also made it to my event at the Columbus Circle Papyrus store, just down the street from the tents, where I got to personalize cards for you, chit chat, and eat pink sugar coated hummingbird shaped cookies made especially for the event.  
In celebration of Fashion Week- the store brilliantly designed a fabulous window display where they created a dress based on the dress in one of my cards- it was fantastic to see- such a great surprise- thank you!!

Of course it wouldn't be fashion week with out a few shows!  And I think every show should end like this one- a dance train on the runway!
I was gifted another Fashion Police pin this week. 
All was quiet on the E set there in the MBFW tents lobby. 
Thank you Joan for appreciating the fun in fashion and reminding everyone it's ok to laugh at it too.  

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