Thursday, September 17, 2015

Print Perfect

3 new fashion loving girls hit stores this week.  And they are all about prints prints prints!

First up , butterflies.
As always it started with a sketch.  

Then to paints.  
But why the solid printless green skirt and scarf?

Because I then painted this print....

 ...that was then printed onto a deliciously silky textile, and with its delicately embroidered edges, was applied to the card (which also is printed on a textile).  
And voila!


Next up, chevron!
The sketch.

The painting.

The print.

Ta da!

And lastly, floral.
The sketch...

The painting...

The print.

The final look.


Collect all three now!

You can buy selected Bella Pilar cards wherever Papyrus greeting cards are sold or at independent retailers nationwide.

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