Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Shopping Gift List

Tis the season... to gift SHOP!!!!!!! 

Just some ideas here for ya if you're looking for a few extra lil somethin's (click on links to direct you to the online shop) :

This super shiny glossy tote is at

Watches can be found at

Who wouldn't want a canvas art print- over 250 to choose from at

Device sleeves, lots of designs to choose from, are at

Cases and skins , several to choose from, are at 

Scoop up a puzzle at

Bonjour paris!  Magnetic dolls toy are at

This adorbs diary is a must have, at

Then of course wrap it all up with this fabulous new gift wrap at (don't forget a card while you are there)

Enjoyng a festive beverage? You may enjoy that drinky more if this were with it-  Beverage napkins are at

Happy shopping!!

PS, Availabilityof product listed here is only while supplies last and will vary with each retailer.  

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