Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Mom, You Deserve to Relax

This one’s a shout out to dear ole mom. She just took off back home to NY after taking a big chunk of time to visit me and her grand babes in LA and be the best Mema ever to my girls- watch school theater productions, hang around here for middle school sleepover parties, dress up for the Ren Faire (she and Poppy did dress up along with us!) and more.  Mom- enjoy this upcoming mother’s day on Sunday. Relax. And know that we all love you tons!! My shout out to my mom is a bit early- I was going to wait til Sunday - but I wanted to post this card here incase y’all are looking for a card to gift your mom-

Lots of fun 3D embellishing happening here.  Shells and sand are add ons, and the hat and flip flops are die cut and pop up!

 You can shop for this one in the Mother’s Day section - she is new and out now.

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